Saturday Breakfast Love

Happy Weekend, dearies!!

I know I'm a lucky lady to have David as my future husband. He does little things all the time that remind me of this. Like this morning...I woke up to the delicious scent of pancakes. This was my breakfast, care of Mr. Goodberg:Have you ever had an Aebelskiver? D has been kind of obsessed with them since pancake puff pans became a part of the public consciousness a few years ago, and our lovely trip to Solvang last year solidified it. I bought him his own Aebelskiver pan and a little Danish cookbook featuring lots of A-skiv recipes. This morning he made me Aebelskivers with Cardamom (one of my all-time favorite spices). I drizzled them with just a little agave nectar for sweetness.

Saturday Breakfast Love, indeed.

Until next time...

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