Grilled Cheese Month, part deux...

Hi again! So, I realized that LA Weekly actually had not one, but TWO posts about grilled cheese month-one with their 'top ten' and the other with a listing of five great places for grilled cheese. There were a few repeats on the short list, but one stood out as somewhere I had never been. Upon reading about their BRIE GRILLED SANDWICH, I decided a little excursion to Il Tramezzino in Beverly Hills would be a fun way to spend tonight!

Krysta, along with my ever-patient honey, tagged along for this one. I knew the general area we were going to, of course-Canon Drive in BH has a whole mess of restaurants. I figured we might be in for a bit of a wait, since the restaurant didn't offer reservations.

When we got there, I realized how silly I was to have thought that for a second. Il Tramezzino is one of the most casual, low-key places I've seen in these parts, and our fellow diners consisted of one table of four presumably high-school aged kids. Whatever, we were there for the cheese, not the ambiance.

Here's how the restaurant describes my sandwich:
Brie Cheese sun dried tomato,grilled eggplant and basil garlic sauce

Um, yes please. Let's eat!

Looks like a panini, huh? Yeah, it basically was, with a whole bunch of brie...
but a whole bunch of other stuff too.
Yummy? Yes. Messy? Indubitably. Grilled cheese? Erm..questionable.

The brie and eggplant were basically equally proportional in both amount and texture. The only textural variance was from the very crunchy toasted bread.

Of course I still ate it! Warm, melty brie cheese with veggies and a creamy pesto is something no one should ever pass up. Trust me on this. It may not have been the grilled cheese of my dreams, but it was still a damn good sandwich.

That's all for now! Sick of me yet? Just wait...I have some more entries up my sleeve.


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