Turning Over a New Beaf

Beaf=Blog Leaf. Like Vlog refers to Video Blog...oh never mind.
Mmmmboy it has been awhile.
I have been struggling a lot with this blog and its purpose, for me and the world-at-large. Because, you and I both know everyone and their mom reads it. Hello Kazakhstan!
I think what has been a struggle is that I really want to say something neat and unique and cool every time I write, and neat, unique, cool things regarding FOOD just don't happen to me every day. To be perfectly honest, they DO happen a lot more than the 10 previous entries in this blog over the past 10 months, but it has really gotten hard to get up the desire to write when TV or books or sleep were alternatives.
As much as I LOVE food (and you know I do) I think that if I want this whole blogging thing to work, I need to encompass a bit more of Emilyworld outside of my kickass vintage kitchen. Shoot, I still need to do a blog about that!
MY POINT IS...if I want to do this blog regularly, and my multitudes of fans demand new material regularly, I need to write about more than just food. Like music, something I've been studying for umpteen years. And movies. And books. And life as a twenty-something. And...and. Yes.
So, this is my intro to a new chapter of Em the Epicurean. The name change will come shortly. Until then, kisses, my dears.

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