Ode to a Dive

Actually, THE Dive. Like a brilliant TV sitcom canceled before Sweeps Week hit, this little bar was torn from us before its time. Granted, I never really understood its place as a Hugo's Restaurant sibling...but danged if they didn't serve up the best durned-black bean burgers this gal had ever done tasted! I never got to try their ethereally-named cocktails, either, having always visited during working hours. No drinky-drinks on Look-Look's time!
Anyway, my real point in this blog is one of speculation. There is a sign up on the front of The Dive, promising something new and exciting in the coming days. Here's what I think: I spotted an Application for New Ownership or something similarly official at the Dive a few months ago, and on that App...the names of Milliken and Feniger. That's right, the Two Hot Tamales, creators of my FAVE restaurants in LA, Ciudad and Border Grill. Could it be REMOTELY possible that they're extending their (albeit small) empire to RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO MY OFFICE?!?! Demeter, that goddess of the bountiful harvest, has surely been listening to my pleas.
Again, this is all speculation...but I hope that for once my wishful thinking will pay off with bowls of hot tortilla soup all around. Mmmmmmm!


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