First Post!

Woah. This is waaaaaaay past due. Hey there, food-lovers! My name is Emily and I love food. There are times when my metabolism makes that very evident too...but that is fodder for another blog.

Moving on: I am a formerly extreme picky eater who has been mostly converted through the vast and wonderful culinary experiences I've had since living on my own in Los Angeles, CA. This is Hollywood, people. Now, I admit to still having some food hang-ups (and you may wonder, as I do on occasion, whether a girl who abhors plain tomatoes is really capable of writing a decent food blog) but trying new things now excites rather than scares me. I am a comfort food girl at heart but adore Thai, Indian, French, Southern, German, New England, New Californian...yadda yadda, you know the drill.

I also love baking. Both of my parents as well as my maternal grandma have been baking all my life and through their influence, I like to think that I've gotten pretty good at it! Baking begets things like big bellies and chunky hips, so lately I've been expanding my repertoire to things that aren't loaded with butter and sugar.

Through this blog I am hoping to share new recipes and restaurants with you. I hope to make them enjoyable and informative enough to get you all into the kitchen, and out to some great new places!!



Dani said...

Will you be exploring the finer points of Worcester cuisine?

Em said...

I do hope to hit some hotspots in the heart of the Commonwealth during my upcoming travels...